This databases content is maintained by Michael Schäffer. All knowledge is gathered from the dice community, and credited in each article. Please credit appropriately. For the latest dice related news, join us at the Dice Maniacs' Club.

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Welcome to the DiceDB!

Currently Haley DeWeese and me are working on the dice database.
The goal is to gather knowledge and interesting dice related informations.



Dice in Wikipedia

Many informations are already in Wikipedia and will be duplicates to the informations here
more infos in the german Wikipedia article
more infos in the english Wikipedia article

Community work

Help is apreciated
>You want to write an article or suggest improvements?
Contact me by E-Mail.

Dice Maniacs' Club

The official community of DMC is a Facebook group.
Dice Maniacs' Club community

In the DMC article are more informations.