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Chessex Festive

table of contents

  1. general
  2. product overview
  3. credits


Festive is a Chessex plastic dice series with a swirl effect.

product overview

name product code description picture info
Carousel with White CHX 27440 gold, blue, purple, white with white pips/numbers new 2010
Circus with Black CHX 27442 Blue, red, yellow, white with black pips/numbers new 2004
Green with Silver CHX 27445 Blue, yellow, green with silver pips/numbers new 2004
Mardi Gras with White CHX 27443 blue, orange, pink with white pips/numbers new 2004
discontinued 2004
may 2004
Mosaic with Yellow CHX 27450 Blue, red, purple, white with yellow pips/numbers new 2016
Pop art with blue CHX 27544 pink, purple, orange, teal, white swirl with blue pips/numbers new 03/2019
Purple with White CHX 27447 blue, orange, pink, gold, white with white pips/numbers new 2004
discontinued 2004
Rio with Yellow CHX 27449 Blue, purple, green, orange with yellow pips/numbers new 2014
Sunburst with red CHX 27453 yellow white swirl with red pips/numbers new 03/2019
Vibrant with Brown CHX 27441 Blue, green, orange, white with brown pips/numbers new 2014
Violet with White CHX 27457 Purple, pink with white pips/numbers new 2010
Waterlily with white CHX 27546 blue, green, purple swirl with white pips/numbers new 03/2019


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