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Chessex Opaque

table of contents

  1. general
  2. product overview
  3. Other opaque dice
  4. credits


Opaque is a Chessex dice serie made of single color, non translucent plastic

product overview

name product code description picture info
Black with Gold CHX 25428 black with golden pips/numbers
Black with Red CHX 25418 black with red pips/numbers
Black with White CHX 25408 black with white pips/numbers
Blue with White CHX 25406 blue with white pips/numbers
Burgundy with Gold CHX 25424 burgundy with gold pips/numbers new: 2006
discontinued: 2009
Dark Grey with Black CHX 25410 dark grey with black pips/numbers
Darker Grey with Copper CHX 25420 dark grey with copper pips/numbers new: 2006
Deep Blue with Silver CHX 25436 dark blue with silver pips/numbers new: 2006
discontinued: 2009
Deep Red with Silver CHX 25434 dark red with silver pips/numbers new: 2006
discontinued: 2009
Dusty Blue with Copper CHX 25426 dusty blue with copper pips/numbers new: 2006
Dusty Green with Copper CHX 25415 dusty green with copper pips/numbers new: 2006
Green with White CHX 25405 dusty green with copper pips/numbers
Ivory with Black CHX 25400 ivory with black pips/numbers
Light Blue with White CHX 25416 light blue with white pips/numbers
Light Gray with Red CHX 25411 light gray with red pips/numbers OOP
Light Purple with White CHX 25427 light purple with white pips/numbers
Orange with Black CHX 25403 orange with black pips/numbers
Pink with White CHX 25444 pink with white pips/numbers
Purple with Red CHX 25417 purple with red pips/numbers OOP
Purple with White CHX 25407 purple with white pips/numbers
Red with Black CHX 25414 red with black pips/numbers
Red with White CHX 25404 red with white pips/numbers
White with Black CHX 25401 white with black pips/numbers
Yellow with Black CHX 25402 yellow with black pips/numbers

Other opaque dice

There are some other colors. You can find these for example in the pound-o-dice bags. Some examples:
description picture
gray with gold pips/numbers
brown with green pips/numbers
There are many color variations. Brighter blue or other red tone etc.


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